[ 玫瑰。 ❀]

Lee Lily Jieun.


death is close.
too close.

[ 玫瑰。 ]

The difference between
a saint and a sinner
is that every saint has a past,
and every sinner has a future.


Hey there gorgeous!

You and I both know what this is and what I want from you, I’m new and I need some friends just like this pretty lady right here. But don’t give her your money— If you help us both out, I’ll make sure you won’t regret it. So let’s make a deal, yeah?

If you like this post, I will drop by and point out your most striking feature to me along with something weird probably, but nontheless we will start an amazing, everlasting friendship.

If you reblog this post, I will drop by and give you food as well as my phone number so there are no excuses for us becoming the bestest of friends. Sell my number online though and I’m gonna skin you alive.

If you follow me after seeing this post, I will assume you’re a fan who just wants to see what’s up in my life because let’s be honest, I’m awesome but I will think of something nice for you too when I have time because I wouldn’t be here without you~

We all know asklimit is a bitch though, so depending on how many people will do this it will maybe take some time to do this okay? Also my typist would prefer conversing on the dash for this caUSE ASKLIMIT OKAY.

Yeah anyway— school and shit, pretty busy, people who should keep in contact with me have my aim already, so uh yes. Hiatus, I guess.


             A one way ticket to Seoul, please.

Where is that from?❞  
                                              Oh that? It’s from africa.❞  
In fact, the small wood mask was from Kenya where the young female had spent two weeks not too long ago. Born in America, but nothing to hold her there, so here she was, in Seoul. One way ticket, no turning back - but why going back anyway? Though Seoul would be her new home, she would never stop traveling. 

 Have you been everywhere?❞ 
                                                            Not yet.❞ 

My goal is it to be able to say "I've been all around the world." ;
  ;  ;  ; 
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meet the muse ;

LEGAL NAME: Lee Jieun.
ALIAS[ES]: Lily.
DATE OF BIRTH:  May 16, 1997.
GENDER | SPECIES: Female | Ghoul.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Tokyo, Japan.
CURRENT LIVING CONDITIONS: A small apartment, probably going to move in with her “brother”, since she can’t pay the rent. 
SPOKEN LANGUAGES: Korean, Japanese and English.
EDUCATION: Is still going to school.
OCCUPATION:  Working in a small café to get money. 
DRINK | SMOKE | DRUGS: Rarely. | Sometimes. | Not really.
LIKE[S]:  Coffee, dresses and animals.
DISLIKE[S]: Hot weather, the sun in general and liars.
FEAR[S]:  Being replaced by the people she loves. Being forgotten.
PERSONALITY TRAITS:  Loud and clingy. 
DISORDERS: Depression.

{ P H Y S I C A L   I N F O R M A T I O N }

HAIR COLOUR: Dark brown, but often she dyes it to red or blonde.
HEIGHT: 162 cm
TATTOOS: none so far.
PIERCINGS: both ears pierced. 

{ F A M I L Y   I N F O R M A T I O N }

SIBLING[S]:  vvipseungri, jimouse, both aren’t her real siblings, but she thinks of them as her real family.
PARENT[S]: father - seokjin-and-tonic, also not her real parents but she likes to think of him as her “appa”.
PET[S]: Seven cats, Romeo, Juliet, Kovu, Kiara, Sun, Moon and Ginny. And three dogs, Jinx, Luna and Denver.

{ R E L A T I O N S H I P   I N F O R M A T I O N }

SEXUAL PREFERENCE: Demisexual, so most likely it doesn’t matter if male or female or whatever.

damn it can i just say red hair looks so fucking good on you.

what about blonde? I honestly think I am a gorgeous blonde. You look pretty hot with black hair, but red isn’t bad either, wouldn’t recommend blonde though.. pretty sure that would look a bit.. weird, maybe, probably.

lee jieun

[[ publish this okay? ]] He ran up to you while you were distracted and pushed you on to the couch, straddling your lap. He then proceeded to wrap his arms around your neck and moved in to kiss you on the lips, moving his lips with yours. While his fingers tangled themselves in your hair, he slid his tongue inside your mouth and explored the inside a bit before sucking on your tongue, giving it a gentle nip before he pulled back, his cheeks bright red and then stood up and ran from the room.

She was being quite busy with some stupid stuff she should’ve finished long time ago, which made her totally sink into the stories and articles she was reading, not paying attention to anything that happened around her.

Being taken aback by suddenly being pushed onto the couch she was sitting on she let out a quiet screech, not having expected anything like that— in fact she wasn’t even expecting to talk to people today. But instead of going along with whatever that was she tried pushing him away, first gently, then a little bit rougher. Has this shit been doing drugs or something? Was the thing her mind was thinking.

As soon as he pulled away she sat up and wiped her mouth with her left arm, making a face at the what had just happened. “The fuck..”, she grumbled quietly to herself before getting up from the couch, a loud huff coming from her. “Tell me you’ve been doing drugs or that it was a dare, otherwise I’m going to fucking hit you.”, she yelled after him, wiping her mouth once again. 


There’s nothing really wrong with it.. Ah! Seven cats and three dogs? You have ten pets all together. How do you even keep up with them all? You did hear shopping! Just don’t make me go broke by the time we’re done. I’ll cry.. The bae? Who would that be? (blinks, trying to think back.) But Jinx is a cute name. Ah, fine! It might as well be you that does it. Who should we get to record it?

Exactly, seven cats, three dogs, it didn’t get much more since we last spoke, as you can see. It’s easy to keep up with all of them, I mean— I am totally an animal person, so.. no problem for me! { — she chuckles quietly before quickly shaking her head. } No, no— promise I won’t make you go broke, you’ll just have .. less money, still enough to survive, heh.~ I hope you know I’m kidding. Cry.. more like free fall from your apartment, as usual. { — she mumbles quietly, shrugging his question off. } Jinx sure is a cute name, and he’s really fluffy, I swear. Yes! Amazing, I’m happy now, aha! Who to get to record it? Uh.. good question, ask one of your friends, maybe?